Friday, February 18, 2011

Honey, I forgot to duck.

Turns out I didn't dodge the flu germs after all.  Let's just say, yuck.  After a couple very unpleasant days, I'm feeling almost normal again.  Time to get back to life as usual:  kid stuff, laundry, pet care, house stuff.  Hooray for normal routine!  Although I do need to run some errands, which will be a pleasure today since the weather is actually warm for NY in February.

We're having our midwinter thaw this week.  It's been in the 40s for a couple days, it's supposed to be almost 50 today, and the snow has melted away like magic under a steady southwest wind.  I can see grass in the yard for the first time since around New Year's, and the meltwater is running across our back yard in a thousand gurgling little streams.  I love listening to the sound of the thawing earth, and I even heard some birds chirping yesterday.  Spring is coming, it won't be long now!