Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow again!

Yes, it's still winter in Central New York.  I knew it was, in spite of our brief flirtation with a spring thaw last week.  We always get a good storm in late February/early March, and we're not off the hook for snow until late April most years.  Today we're getting heavy, wet snow, somewhere between 5-8 inches.  The world is white, and beautiful - if you don't have to drive in it.  My husband took my SUV to work today, since I was concerned that his little Escort wouldn't make the half hour (in perfect weather) commute safely.  Later on I'll see if I can get the snow blower going, so he can get back in the driveway.

Tonight my husband and son will be camping with the Boy Scouts.  They're both excited, and I hope they have lots of fun.  It won't be a large group, so the boys will have lots of 1:1 with the adults.  I'm still surprised that our son likes camping - simple living it isn't really in his nature - but tonight at least they'll be in a cabin. He's planning on bringing his camera and his cell phone.  Yep, that's his idea of roughing it.

PrincessYakyak had a fun birthday yesterday - presents in the morning, and a friend visiting for the afternoon.  Tomorrow is her party - seven other girls coming over for crafts and pizza and dessert.  She is SO excited, and spent quite a while putting together treat bags for her friends this morning.  I hope it goes well, with a minimum of girl drama.  Sunday we'll have our second party of the weekend with my husband's family here - celebrating 5 birthdays at once.  Today I get to clean the house.  Tomorrow night I get to clean it again after the girls' party.  Sunday night, if it's messy, it can STAY that way until I feel like cleaning it on Monday. . . .