Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter's Last Big Hurrah (I Hope!)

 Mom and the photo album I made for her and Dad - she really liked it.

We had a wonderful weekend, visiting my parents and celebrating their birthdays.  We drove down Saturday afternoon, and stayed overnight.  I don't know what weather reports we were listening to on Friday and Saturday, but none of them indicated a major storm as of Saturday morning.  The last forecast we saw called for a few inches of white stuff falling Sunday afternoon.  As Saturday went on, we heard more and more forecasts for more and more snow - it seemed like the forecasters were upping the totals just for the heck of one-upping each other.  By the time Mike Seidel from the Weather Channel was reveling in "the big storm" practically in our back yard at home (he was in Syracuse), we knew we'd have an interesting drive home Sunday. 

 The snow started Sunday AM, and this photo was taken 
around noon in my parents' back yard.  
I love their yard, with the woods, the creek, and that huge oak tree.

Now, this IS Central New York, and with our winter snow total nearing 170" we're not exactly stunned by a March storm.  It was just strange to see the Weather Channel guy enjoying the "event" so close to home, when it's really just "winter as usual" for us.  I suppose the people who live on the Atlantic coast who see hurricanes every year think it's strange that we pay so much attention to their "normal" weather when to them it's just summer on the coast.

Monday morning - that's a lot of snow!  
It didn't stop falling until almost noon, 
when it cleared quickly and we got some lovely sunshine.

Our normal 2 1/2 hour drive turned into 3 1/2, since most of the roads were snowy and dicey.  Still, slow and steady worked just fine for us, and the 5" or so on the ground by the time we got home Sunday night wasn't unusual.  Waking up to over 18" was a bit of a surprise, though.  We had a snow day (to the kids' great delight), and even my husband's job said it wouldn't open the facility until 10AM.  We dug ourselves out, and we've had a pretty pleasant day.  PrincessYakyak is out in the snow with her best friend, who fortunately lives only a couple blocks away.  The snow is well past their knees as they trudge through the yard.  They've built quite a snow house out of the pile of snow at the foot of the driveway, and sliding down the slide from the swingset into almost two feet of drifted snow does look like fun - at least from where I'm sitting, warm, inside.

 Fun in the snow - I remember doing that!