Monday, March 21, 2011

Day By Day

This weekend was busy and restful at the same time, if that makes any sense.  It was nice to have a weekend where we didn't have to travel, or have too many things to do out of the house.  Both my husband and I knocked off a handful of "around the house and yard" projects, but also had time to relax and hang out.  We even finished the weekend with a rare occurrence:  watching a movie, together.  (We enjoyed "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," which was fantastically good.  Neither of us had seen it before.)

I did some yard work, edging a couple beds in the back yard, and enlarging the corner bed in the front yard.  Later this week, if the weather clears up again, I can mulch it.  I didn't like the angular, L-shaped bed as it was, and I've planned on enlarging it and changing its shape since last year.  The ground a a pleasure to dig in, soft but not soggy, and I was happy to see tons of earthworms.  Lots of birds were flitting around the neighborhood as I worked, and as soon as I went inside the robins stopped by for a snack.

Princess Yakyak had a very busy weekend, playing with friends almost nonstop, and going to a birthday party Sunday afternoon.  She and her friend KK spent most of Saturday outside in our yard.  After a picnic on the swing set, the girls decided that they wanted to build a club house, so I helped them scrounge building stuff from our shed.  After lots of animated discussion, and me stepping in to tell them that, no, they couldn't duct tape the tarp between the house and the shed to make a roof, they created a private space for doing all sorts of girl stuff.  It even has chairs (upturned flower pots) and doors (the wood pieces wedged across the ends at head height) and decorations (the bird feeder hung from the bamboo stakes at the back).  I can see many hours of girl-talk happening there in the future.

It was good, VERY good, to get out for coffee with a friend this morning.  It's scary how similar our families and our marriages are.  It was good to encourage each other, and commiserate, and generally realize that we're not alone in our experiences - and that we're not totally crazy (at least not yet).   At the end of the conversation we asked ourselves, "What are we doing drinking coffee, when what we could really use is a glass of wine?"  Maybe some evening that will happen too.

I've got lots on my mind, but nothing has gelled enough to be a post here, and some things just don't need to be shared in a public blog.  Family stuff, kid stuff, friend stuff, God stuff - my mind is bubbling away processing and sorting and deciding.  It's a good thing I have the house to myself - I feel the need for some peace and quiet today, at least until the school bus comes 'round in a couple hours.  Just me, and the pets, and the rain.  (Shh, don't tell the laundry where I am - I'm hiding from it.)