Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Garden Goodies

 Molly (who has caught a homemade dust bunny under her paw. . . .)

Do you know the best way to get me to deep clean the house?  (Well, bribing me with a massage and a day alone at the book store would work, but no one has done that yet.)  Invite someone over for dinner who hasn't been to our house before.  Seriously, there's nothing like having new guests visit to make me look at my house with fresh eyes and see all the bits and pieces that I've let slide.  And, after a long winter, a lot has been sliding around here.  If housekeeping were an Olympic event, around here it would look more like the 4-man relay (with all of us running in different directions) than the concentration and partnership of the four-man bobsled.  I looked at the house this week and went "Ew!"  So today I'm cleaning.  A lot.  Because our friends are coming over tomorrow evening, and I don't want to have a last-minute cleaning meltdown.

Spring in Central New York?  Yeah, this is pretty par for the course, unfortunately.

Too bad it's not warm enough to open up all the windows (we had snow yesterday, a couple inches worth - yuck, but it can't last long with the temps yo-yoing into the 30s, and the 40s by early next week).  At least it's sunny, though.  I've got my YouTube playlist blaring:  Phil Collins, Genesis, The Doobie Brothers, Journey, Queen, Cyndi Lauper, Swing Out Sister, Level 42 - mostly 80s stuff.  Cheerful, and upbeat.  Thankfully, that's the way I feel today.  Maybe grabbing a nap this morning (a rare treat) helped with that.

 My bargain roses from Aldi - they're HUGE!

We've finally reached the point where various stores are carrying spring plants, not just seeds.  A couple days ago at Aldi I scored some gorgeous, jumbo rose plants, for $4.99 each.  I got one last year, my "Peace" rose, and this year I got the grandiflora "Gold Medal" and the hybrid tea "Tropicana."  They'll go in the front yard, being hot colors.  "Tropicana" might end up near the porch, because it's highly fragrant.  I also got some boxes of bulbs at Wegmans - liatris, oriental lilies, and gladiolus.  My daughter was with me and chose a big purple dahlia ("Thomas Edison") for her garden.  As soon as the snow melts and the temps moderate I'll get the lilies, glads and liatris in the ground.  I might wait a couple weeks on the roses, and the dahlia definitely won't go in the ground until mid-April.

It feels so good to be able to think about planting again.