Monday, March 28, 2011

O Spring, Where Art Thou?

 See that speck on the roof peak?  
That's the first robin I saw this year, last week.  
Today looks much the same, but lots colder.

I'm loving the bright sun and the blue skies this afternoon - too bad the visuals don't match the actual temperature outside the window.  It's just above freezing here, and quite windy.  Ah, well, in the face of the obvious (that spring temps are seriously lagging in CNY), I just spent a pleasant (if chilly) half hour outside planting spring bulbs.  In two places I planted acidanthera (which sounds fancy, but they're not - they're related to irises, bloom late summer in silky white with a maroon throat, and they have a lovely fragrance).  In a large container on the back porch I planted three oriental lily bulbs, and covered them with some wire mesh to keep the squirrels out of them.  At the side of the house by the driveway I planted eight gladiolus (two shades of blue-purple), and by the back porch, in front of where I'll plant the sunflowers in May, I put a couple patches of light violet liatris.  These bulbs are all perennials (well, except the acidanthera, which isn't winter hardy in CNY - it's perennial farther south), and they can handle the early start.  My daughter's dahlia will have to wait for warmer weather, though.

The Fellowship of the Traveling Sunbeam has started up again.  The cats are loving their window-shaped warm spots on the carpet in the living room, and by the sliding doors.  Sophia is currently in possession of the living room patch, curled into a ball of fluff.

She looks so comfortable - I think I may join her. . . .