Friday, April 29, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I found a small treasure today while browsing at the Salvation Army.  You just never know what you'll find there.  This time, besides a couple videos and books for the kids, I found a lovely handmade stoneware mug.  It has a perfect signature on the bottom by Roberta Dallimonti.  I don't know her as an artist, but the mug fit my hand like it was made for me, and I've wanted to buy some nice stoneware mugs on Etsy.  But, since good handmade mugs sell for $18 each (and up), I just haven't gotten around to buying one, let alone a set.  And here at the SA was a gorgeous large one in shades of cobalt, indigo, periwinkle and white.  For $1.99!  SOLD.  So that's my little treasure for the week.  When I got home I looked up Ms. Dallimonti online.  It turns out she's a ceramic artist living and working in Southern California, and has been successful at her chosen work for several decades.  I'll enjoy using her gem of a coffee mug.

I also got some small treasures from my camera - some of the photos I took yesterday evening turned out really well.  There are days I get a handful of good shots, and days I get a camera full of nothing (unless you count fuzzy, improperly focused shots of flowers, my thumb, the garden, my foot, the landscape, the ceiling, cat fannies, guinea pig noses, kids making faces, and general dreck, lol).  Here are some of last night's efforts:

For the week or so the little weeping cherry tree blooms each April/May, 
it's one of my favorite subjects.  The light last night was wonderful.

The tree was buzzing with several kinds of bees.  
The bumblebees are my favorite.

I like the contrast of the sun-washed flowers arching against the blue sky.

Tulip 'Daydream' glows in the low evening light.

Our neighbor's little cherry tree blooms candy pink.

A little earlier that day, I caught Molly posing in the window.  
Her shadow was more interesting to me than she was.  
She didn't seem to mind, since the window was open 
and she could watch for birds in the cherry tree.