Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Leaf Quilt

At long last, my quilt is done!  I'm pleased with it, even though I'm aware of its flaws.  I still love the patterns and colors of the fabrics, all in shades of beige with a couple slightly darker accents, and the border on the reverse in a wonderful blue/beige/taupe fabric against a retro blue-on-taupe flower pattern.

It's a king-sized quilt, with 361 individual leaves on it.  Some of the leaves I like better than others.  After the first 40 or so I got much better, and at the very end of the quilt, when I finished the last square, I went back and "fixed" some leaves from the early days that I wasn't happy with.  I also found one lonely square in the middle of the quilt that I'd left blank by mistake, and filled that in.  Most of the leaves are from deciduous trees (maple, beech, crab-apple, oak, willow, tulip, others) with a couple evergreens (holly, pine) and a few sprigs of clover and a couple hosta leaves for variety.

I'd like to do another quilt using entirely different fabrics - batiks, in shades of blue/green/brown.  However, I want to take a beginner's quilting class before I try piecing anything again.  I'm definitely aware of my limitations, and matching corners is something I need to learn properly.  Fortunately, there's a great quilt shop just down the road that offers classes.  I'll take a class this fall, perhaps for a wall hanging.

I love playing with the colors of fabric.  There are over a dozen different fabrics in this quilt, and they almost all have natural motifs or patterns (leaves, grass, cork, floral, stone).  I picked up fat quarters and half yards of fabric all over the place for a couple months before I started.  I was very picky about color/texture, and I learned a lot when I put it all together.  Some of the fabrics are better than others - better weave, better design.  Two of the fabrics were so close in color to my quilting thread and so tiny in pattern that it was very hard to keep track of what I was sewing on them (*imagine me with crossed, squinting eyes here, and my nose 4" from the quilt o_O *).  Next time I want to play with fabrics that make me think of water, and batiks have attracted me for years. Someday I'd love to learn to decorate and dye batik fabric - but that's yet another hobby for another time. . . .