Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Fine Day

The last in our run of lovely weather, we had a tiny sprinkle this morning before the sun and warm temps returned for the day.  Too bad I couldn't enjoy the morning much, after a poor night's sleep (due to thyroid issues).  I didn't get out and about until after lunch, when I felt better.  Groceries also weren't conducive to getting out into the yard, but I did pick up some more annuals to use on the shady side of the house.

I got to spend a chunk of the evening outside.  I'm on a mission to get my winter sown babies into the ground by the end of the weekend.  It's supposed to be greyish and rainyish for the next few days, which is good weather for planting.  I spent a pleasant evening outside, planting and weeding.  I got the store-bought pansies, coleus and impatiens in the ground and in containers, as well as planting my winter sown foxgloves and catnip.  I also got two store-bought tomatoes planted in a raised box ('Mr. Stripey' and 'Cherokee Purple').  My winter sown tomatoes and peppers are still tiny - it wasn't a warm spring, so they're a little behind.  I may break down and buy pepper plants as well.

Tomorrow the kids and I are going to go garage saling, while my husband works on laying the tile in the little bathroom.  I'm excited to get out with the kids, and they love the treasure hunt aspect of garage sales.  I'm sure Dunkin' Donuts will figure in there somewhere.  Then Safety Guy has a very rare thing tomorrow:  a friend of his is coming over to hang out.  (I can't call it a "play date" any more, since he's not little, but that's what it amounts to.)  He's not usually very comfortable having other people in his space, so having someone over is a big deal.  His friend E. has his own issues (ADHD and Aspergers), but they share some interests (video games, Star Wars, and Boy Scouts), so I expect they'll have fun.  Safety Guy doesn't have many close friends, but E. is one of them, and I'm glad they'll get to hang out.