Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Doctors, Aspergers, Chickens and Eggs

Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  Or in our son's case, the anxiety or the raised blood pressure?  We've been sorting out that issue lately, and I'm thankful that we seem to have found a doctor at his pediatric office that understands what's going on, and what our son has been dealing with as far as anxiety issues and Aspergers.  The anxiety issue came to a head last week when during a school physical Safety Guy's blood pressure was sky-high.  It didn't help that he had just had gym class and had a problem with another student picking on him.  The school nurse is great, and had him go first for his physical, rather than making him wait while the other kids went ahead of him.  The doctor seeing the kids is our daughter's soccer coach, so he called us personally to let us know about this issue.  So an appointment was duly made, and a long, busy, stressful weekend that was not good for any of our blood pressures came between the physical and the appointment.

(Flash forward through a bus trip to NYC for a Yankees game for Safety Guy and his Dad and Aunt T., the Scouts marching in a big parade, our daughter going to a soccer game, and me going down to UCCC for the art show.  It was beyond too much for Safety Guy - it fused all his circuits, and he had a mega-meltdown after the parade. . . .)

We had a really good appointment with the pediatrician yesterday.  Safety Guy was comfortable with this doctor (who was new to him), and the doctor was friendly and easy to talk to, and took both myself and Safety Guy seriously.  After some good discussion about SG's Aspergers, activities, interests, anxiety triggers, school issues, calming methods, and sleep routine, he suggested that we try a mild anti-anxiety med for him.  I'm not surprised that he needs this, with our family history of anxiety and depression.  Safety Guy is okay with the idea of taking something, too - the anxiety has been a real problem for him this spring and has been getting worse, and he's happy that this might help.

I think we'll be able to work with Dr. L., and I'm very, very relieved - the first pediatrician we worked with in this practice after our move was distinctly uneasy dealing with his Aspergers and his anxiety issues, and was unhappy that he was taking something for his anxiety at that point.  We eventually discontinued that med due to a mild side effect that was nevertheless a problem, and went med-free for a year. Now, though, we realized we needed a doctor's opinion and help again.  Dr. L. had no trouble discussing our son's issues, and interacted very well with him too.  I hope this can be a good working relationship as our son moves through his teen years.  After last week, I realize more than ever that we need professional backup to help our son.