Saturday, June 18, 2011

Art Show at UCCC

Here are some photos of my art on display at Union Center Christian Church in Endicott, NY.  My work will be there for another few weeks.  All photos courtesy of my friend Hope Spicer, unless noted - thanks, Hope!!

Three small works - Green Whirls, Sunset Illusion, and Reflections.

Two large vases (Leaves On The River, and Teal), 
with a large asymmetrical tea cup and saucer.

Hope, working with the tripod - and a wall of mixed pieces.

 The community mosaic project, just getting started.
Doesn't look like much the first morning (Pentecost Sunday), does it?
We made a huge amount of progress when I was there last weekend.  
With the help of some wonderful kids and friends that evening, we almost finished it.
I'll post a better picture next week, 
before and after grouting.

The Pentecost painting (my photo).