Monday, July 25, 2011

A Break In The Weather

 An abstract pendant just listed in my shop - double sided, 
on an 18" white faux leather cord,  with lobster claw clasp and extender chain.

The week-long string of hot weather has broken today.  It's much more comfortable, and we even had a little rain.  What we could really use is a good, two-day soaking rain, but we'll take what we can get at this point.  There's a chance for more rain later, so I'm hoping some falls our way.

I'm trying to get some creative juices going again.  Today I finished a small painting for my daughter, one I started last year then set aside.  It sort of matches her bedroom colors, and she was happy to get it when she returned from a fun summer program at school.

I also spent some time last night updating a few treasuries I created on Etsy a while ago.  As items sell, gaps open in the treasury, and when someone finds it on a search for a particular item/theme/color/whatever, they see only a partial collection.  So, I go back every so often and update my treasuries, to keep them current.  I just redid one featuring beautiful aqua-glazed ceramics, another with amazing portraits of women, and a third celebrating my father's love of steam railroads.