Wednesday, August 10, 2011

9 to 5

Finally, I've got an interview with the local school district for substitute teaching!  Tomorrow morning I can dress up nice and try to impress the Vice Principal enough to give me a chance.  It's been a looong time since I've been in the work-outside-the-home world.  Part of me is quite excited, and part of me is a bit anxious.  Oh, I know I can do the job.  It will be a big adjustment, though, for myself and my whole family.  A bit more financial flexibility will be very welcome, I have to admit.  But I'm not looking forward to juggling work and family.  Oh well, welcome to the world of Moms with paid employment.  (Because ALL Moms are WORKING Moms - raising kids is way harder than any job I've ever had.)

Safety Guy and his cousin J., 4-wheeling last summer.  
They're both even taller and more grown-up looking this year.
Where did our little boys go?

Drama and growing pains are the order of the day here.  Safety Guy is growing.  Again.  He's the size of a grown man now - he could stop, and be just fine for the rest of his life, lol.  But he's been falling all over himself for the past two weeks.  Every time he takes a growth spurt he gets clumsy, and he's growing at full speed right now.  Unfortunately that's led to some knocks and bruises, and today he fell off a chair (while adjusting the rope on his pulley in the basement - he uses it for experiments lifting stuff).  He's hurt the outside of his foot - bruised and sprained, but I don't think it's broken.  (He was convinced he'd never walk again for a little while.)  It does mean he won't be helping with the drama production at the Summer Enrichment Program he's been going to this week - he's part of the stage crew.  He's half relieved, and half annoyed, at not being able to do his part.