Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tie-Dying With Princess Yakyak

We had a very laid-back holiday yesterday.  It rained all day, so it's a good thing we had our picnic Sunday night.  Princess Yakyak had her best friend Giggles over for the day.  As a special treat, we did tie dyed t-shirts and pillow cases.  I had picked up a couple multi-color tie dye kits on sale earlier in the summer, and promised PYY we'd do them before school started.  This was the perfect day.

I'm no expert at tie-dying.  I did it once before with both kids, about 5 years ago.  Same as last time, I read the directions on the boxes of dye, and we went for it.  Spirals, bulls-eyes, free-form designs - we had a ball.  The girls each did two shirts and a pillow case, then Giggles did a shirt for her little sister.  I did an extra shirt for PYY, and a shirt for myself.  The mess was manageable, and the results were bright and happy.  The girls did have some dye on their fingertips - the gloves in the kits were cheap, and the girls couldn't resist touching their creations while they were still wet after the gloves were off.  I washed and dried the shirts late last night, and PYY showed them off for me today.  Lots of fun!  We'll do it again next summer.