Thursday, September 8, 2011

Highs and Lows

The kids' first day of school went really well - and I'm so grateful to be able to share that.  They were both a bit nervous leading up to this morning, but they headed off to school in good spirits, and came home with a fair amount of happiness.  Princess Yakyak likes her new teacher, and has some good friends in her class.  Safety Guy said the schedule and room-changing of 7th grade was hectic, but he managed without much trouble, and he likes his teachers.  Best of all, the kid who bullied him the most last year is not in any of his classes - hooray!

The Susquehanna River looking east, Sept. 8, 2011,
with Endwell on the middle left, Johnson City on the upper left, 
and Vestal on the right, with Binghamton on the top right.  
Our old neighborhood is on the left side of this picture, 
just past where the two-lane crosses the river. 
Photo courtesy of Lloyd & Ryan Flying
The low of the day has been following the news from the Binghamton, NY, area, which is experiencing major, even catastrophic flooding.  The Susquehanna river just crested an hour or so ago.  Our old house now has water in its walk-out basement, which has never happened before.  My sister Tracey and her family are safe, but isolated in their neighborhood on a small rise of land, with only one road to get out on if there were an emergency (and it's iffy that that road will remain open tonight as the river crests).  Many more friends have evacuated, or are bailing/pumping at this moment.  Our first church in the area has 7 feet of water in it now - another first, and a very sad one since we helped our church family move into that building and fix it up.  My prayers go out tonight for everyone affected by this disaster.  After taking a similar hit 5 years ago, I find it hard to see how the Southern Tier will bounce back from this flood.  It will take years; it may be a permanent blow.  So sad.