Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Little Slice Of Perfect

Our daughter had her first soccer game of the season today.  Despite having new kids on the team, and having two practices canceled due to heavy rain this past week, the girls played well together.  It was a pick-up game with several members of the same-age boys team in town, and several of the girls had to play on the boys team to even the numbers.  It was low-key and simply fun.  I think it ended in a tie, and a good time seemed to be had by all.

My husband walked down to the field to join Princess Yakyak and I (we were there early for warmup).  We sat near the midfield line, chatting with friends and watching the kids play.  It's been a lovely day today, warm and sunny, with blue sky and high cirrus clouds and a breeze.  As we were sitting there, my husband commented that it was a little bit of perfection at that moment.  And he was absolutely right.  Sandwiched between the heartbreak of the flooding in our former home over the past few days, and the remembrance of 9/11 tomorrow, for just a little while all was right with the world around us.

It was wonderful.