Monday, December 12, 2011

This Is What Happens. . . .

. . . .when you don't write on your blog for a week.  Lots of stuff, all jumbled up on your mind, tries to get out all at once.  It's like pouring alphabet soup on paper, and looking to see what great ideas turn up.  Here's a few quick snapshots of the past week, and maybe I'll be able to string together a more coherent post tomorrow.

- Safety Guy visited a fitness center to see if he'd be interested in joining their wrestling program.  I know the owners, and they're familiar with Safety Guy's quirks.  In fact, they've trained other athletes with Aspergers, so if anyone can work with him, they can.  There were about 30 kids there for practice, ranging from about 6 to about 17, and quite a few coaches (a few employed by the fitness center, the others interested parents and former wrestlers), so the ratio was something like one coach for every 3 kids.  Safety Guy was initially wary, but he watched closely, and by the end he decided he'd like to try it himself.  I'm hoping that this activity will give him a regular physical outlet through the winter at the very least.  But I'd be even happier if he continued with this year-round for the fitness and self-confidence benefits.  He'll start with the wrestlers after the holidays.  I imagine it will be a tough routine for him to get used to, and I'm sure it won't be without its rough spots.  But, two of his friends are in the program, so that should help him fit in.  He's so big, he'll have to spar with the oldest teens and the coaches even as a beginner.

- We had a Christmas tree emergency last week:  it fell over.  Crunch!  Glass ornaments smashed into berber carpet was quite a mess to clean up.  Thank God for shop vacs.  Sadly, two of Safety Guy's ornaments were broken, so I'll have to see if I can find two new ones for him this week.  (I give the kids each a special ornament every year.  Two of Safety Guy's favorites were among the casualties.)

- We had my husband's family's big Christmas party last Saturday.  It was good to see everyone, and we had a fun time exchanging gifts (and watching Princess Yakyak and her cousin M. pelt each other with wadded-up tissue paper).  Adding to the good time was some absolutely gorgeous, moonlit weather for the drive home.  I feel like I can relax for the holiday now, since I got the presents done for them, and also the ones for my parents and my sister dropped off the same day.  I've only got a handful of presents to get now, and some baking for fun and sharing.

- Only two more weeks for me to teach this resource class!  That's bittersweet, since I've enjoyed working with them for the most part, and I'm into the routine now.  It will seem strange to not be there after the new year.  But, it will be a relief to go back to day by day subbing for a while, since there's less responsibility and no prep work.

- It's been a real eye-opener talking with some of my students about what they watch, play and do at home.  All I can say is, oh. my goodness.  I can hardly believe what some parents let their kids watch at a young age, and let them do unsupervised on computers.  I am both appalled and saddened, and usually the kids don't see anything wrong with what they're watching or doing.  Some of them don't seem to have much in the way of parental guidance (and I'm being mild in my comments, because this is a public blog, after all, and I can't and won't be specific about any of my students or their families).  Also, I knew that some of the kids have very difficult family background issues, but I had no idea some of them had SO much to overcome.  My heart breaks for them, and although I can't mention my faith in school, I can (and do) pray for them on my own, and offer them general guidance where I can.  Sometimes it seems like so little I can do to be a positive influence in their lives.

I think I need to go process my thoughts a little more - I can see several future posts percolating in the randomness I just tossed out.  Stay tuned, I may get some posts pulled together as the week goes on.