Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry - New Year?

 Princess Yakyak all dressed up 
for Christmas Spirit Day at school.
I'm sure her teacher loved me 
for letting her wear four big jingle bells all day. . . .

The past week just blew right past me.  I was so focused on getting through the last week of school, everything else fell by the wayside.  Making it through the last five days was tough, and early in that week my students were off the wall.  It actually got better as the week went on, which I was pathetically grateful for.

 I love eating frosted sugar cookies.
I don't like making them AT ALL.
So, I make them once a year - and here they are.
They didn't last long.

It has taken me a handful of days to unwind since the last day of school.  We went right from school ending into Christmas Eve (visiting my sister's family), and Christmas Day (and going to church), which still didn't feel like any kind of "day off" for me.  It wasn't until Monday that I started to relax.  Yesterday I was unfocused and mellow for the first time in heaven only knows when.  It felt good, too.  Today I think I'll have a little more on the ball, so I can tackle dismantling the Christmas tree.

 One of my favorite ornaments - 
a casualty of the 
Great Christmas Tree Crash of 2011 (Part 1).

We had a great Christmas Eve.  Visiting my sister T. is always a pleasure, and the cousins enjoyed being together.  We used to live quite near them, and we got together often, which we really miss.  Now it's a rare treat.  Christmas Day was laid back and fun.  Princess Yakyak was up waaaay too early, and crawled in bed with us at 5AM.  Thankfully she fell back asleep (plastered up against my back like an octopus, snoring in time with my husband) until around 6:30.  The kids loved their presents and had a good attitude all day (which was better than any physical present to my husband and I).  We each got some things we'd wanted, and had some nice surprises too.

 My youngest sister and her husband found this book 
about the history of fire alarms for Safety Guy.  
You can see he's quite delighted with it.

Today it is snowing and blowing - the lake effect snow machine is tuning up for the winter after a long, warm fall.  It looks more like winter today than it has since sometime late last March.  I'm glad I don't have to drive anywhere.  It's a good day to hibernate indoors.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, everyone!