Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Outta Here

I took the Christmas tree down yesterday.  Usually I leave it up until after New Year's, but this year I just couldn't stand looking at it any longer.  Most years I enjoy relaxing and looking at the tree in the evening, with all the memories and pretty lights, but this year the darn thing just got on my nerves.  It kept falling over, and was cockeyed in spite of our best efforts.  It's gone now, and the family room returned to normal.  (That is, with Wii games and DVDs and Princess Yakyak's socks and Safety Guy's cars scattered around.)

My sweet husband cut me loose for the day so I could go get some space.  I was actually in and out of the house a couple times, running errands and getting my hair cut and going shopping.  Tech Guy is under the weather (he has the flu, the achy-run down-headachy-sore throat kind), but he didn't mind hanging out with the kids for the day. The kids were happy to have a day to flake out with their new stuff and the TV, but they did do some chores, and PYY got to play in the snow at long last.

It was nice to just motor around at my own pace, doing my own errands, playing my own tunes.  Going to a spa for a day sounds nice, but sometimes all I want is the freedom to move around and set my own schedule - something parents get in short supply when their kids are young.  As ours get older, I find myself having more freedom and flexibility.  I'm liking it.