Friday, December 30, 2011

. . . . Or Else! (Again)

 This is MUCH more fun than cleaning my bedroom!

Tonight, if you hear loud angst and drama coming from our direction, you can blame it on Princess Yakyak, who has put off cleaning her room for so long, after several requests, that Tech Guy and I are going to "help" her.  With garbage bags.

I have great sympathy for PYY - after all, like mother-like daughter.  But, just like my own long-suffering mother, enough is enough, and something has to get done.  If it's outgrown (by age or by size), it will be donated.  If it's junk, it will be trashed.  If it's special, it can stay but get put away.  If it hasn't been used in over a year, it's gone one way or the other.  No anger, no insults, no drama, no put-downs - just a simple statement of fact has preceded this evening's cleaning (excavating?) spree:  if you don't do something about cleaning your bedroom, your father and I will do it our way, and you may not like what gets trashed or donated.  But in spite of several reminders, she's done next to nothing except bring her laundry down this week.  If she's like I was as a kid, the room-cleaning task got away from her and became overwhelming to the point of paralysis.  She could start everywhere, so she started nowhere.

Now, I know she really can do this herself, given enough time and guidance.  I've given her a checklist before, breaking the project down into smaller tasks, and she's gotten it done.  I gave her a checklist a couple weeks ago, and she did part of it, then stopped.  But this has gone on long enough, and she's  made her choice.  And, she'll still have to help us (she's not going to play Wii or DS while we work!).  Let the cleaning begin, and hopefully with a fresh start she will be more successful in maintaining her room.

Life skills - a work in progress.