Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boot Camp and Wrestling

 I survived boot camp at the fitness center!   One day down, many more to go.  I don't ache nearly as much as I thought I would, except for the front of my thighs.  Ooch, I can really feel it when I do stairs, or stand up or sit down.  (Advil is my friend.)  It was a good start, and I'll be back for more.

Safety Guy had his second wrestling practice tonight, and he really got into it.  He did all the exercises with a good will (except when they asked him to try to do a cartwheel - that was a total no-go, lol).  I was also unbelievably encouraged to see him working with another boy close to his age, practicing holds and falls.  The other boy (Safety Guy spent an hour working with him, and didn't get his name - sigh) was so patient with him, showing him where to put his hands, how to lean into a move, what to do.  He walked and talked Safety Guy through the moves over and over.  Safety Guy took his lumps with a good attitude, smiling through the tumbles and pins, and getting up to try again.  The coaches gave him 1:1 when they saw he needed help with a particular move.  He was mostly attentive when the coaches demonstrated moves - there were too many interesting things to look at in the fitness center (including old fire alarm bells).  He had a great evening.

I'm not one to cry at sad movies.  I'm not a weepy person at all; that's not where my emotions find an outlet.  But I have to admit it, I had a lump in my throat watching Safety Guy tonight.  The kid who doesn't like physical contact or team sports decided to try wrestling.  The kid who doesn't like noisy places had no problem being in a fitness center full of kids and coaches and parents.  The kid whose sensitivity to pain is really out of whack and who cries when he gets what appear to be minor injuries took an elbow to the mouth and shrugged it off after a half a minute.  The kid who struggles to connect with other boys apparently made a new friend tonight (even if he doesn't remember his name yet).  I am amazed, and very grateful for the kids and coaches working to help Safety Guy try something new and totally outside his usual comfort zone.  To see Safety Guy smiling through the practice, bouncing with enthusiasm after a successful move, acting like any other testosterone-high young man just discovering his strength - it was wonderful. 

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  1. I am proud of BOTH of you.

    Keep on the fitness kick, you will never, ever regret being healthier. And SG, YOU are a champ!