Saturday, January 7, 2012

Catalog Season

 Last year's catalogs - but I've got an impressive pile this year too.

'Tis the season - when garden catalogs arrive in the mailbox every day, tempting me with images of what could be in my garden.  Spring is so close, but so far away.  It's good to see certain catalogs arrive, like old friends dropping by for a yearly visit.  I have a few catalogs I always return to, because of their excellent products and good customer service.  (There are also dozens of others that get a cursory glance, then recycled or trashed.)  My three favorites are Bluestone Perennials, Select Seeds, and Pinetree Garden Seeds.  There are other catalogs I go to for specialties once in a while, too (like Marietta Gardens, Oakes Daylilies, and North Country Daylilies for daylilies, and Argyle Acres, Iris City Gardens, and Superstition Iris Gardens for irises).

I entertained myself this week with placing my annual Bluestone order. This year's goodies include 'Bluebird' asters, 'Innocence' mock orange, ' salvia 'Carradonna,' tricyrtis 'Sinonome,' echinacea 'Harvest Moon,' and euphorbia 'Chameleon,' and a couple beautiful mums.  I love getting a big box from them in late April or early May - it's like Christmas all over again.

I've marked up my Select Seeds catalog, circling things I might like to get.  I'll place that order next week, so I need to make up my mind what I want.  Pinetree will be after that, for whatever vegetable seeds I don't already have on hand.

Speaking of seeds, it's also time for me to go through my seed box and see what I have, and decide what I need.  It's time to start winter sowing, even though we haven't had a very winter-like winter for CNY so far.  But I'm ready to start, with a stash of milk jugs and a big bag of seed starting mix.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get going on that.

Anticipation - the long, slow joy of gardening.

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