Monday, January 2, 2012

End of Winter Break - Maybe

 So, we might get some snow.  
But they keep changing the map, the timing, 
the weather alerts and the snowfall amounts,
so we may actually get a rain of sherbet and a hail of M&Ms.
Which would be nice, actually - much better than snow.

We've had a very mild winter so far in Central New York.  Last year by now we'd had two months of snow, several snow days, and brutal cold.  This year has been warm and mostly snow-free.  It was over 50F yesterday - New Year's Day in CNY, and I barely needed a jacket!   Unbelievable.

That is supposed to change tonight.  It was 38F this morning, and by tomorrow morning it's supposed to be 10F, with wind up to 30 mph.  And, we're in the target area for 4-8" of snow to blow and drift in the high winds.  (Early today they said 5"-9", then upped that to 6"-10", now it's back to 4"-8".  So the weather wonks really have NO IDEA how much snow we could get, and by covering all their bases they can say, "See, we told you so!" tomorrow night.)

So, we may or may not have the first day back to school for the kids tomorrow.  I'm betting on a delay at least.  But I'm still going to hustle the kids off to bed soon, knowing that it will probably take them a while to wind down and fall asleep.

Curiously, Safety Guy hasn't been perseverating on going back to school.  Routine changes can be hard for him, but he's handling this one really well compared to other years and  other changes.  He did give me a major league hassle about going to church yesterday, and another about cleaning his room today.  But both PITA episodes were short-lived, and I won (i.e. he did what I asked when I pointed out that the alternative to obeying me was to lose all of his electronics privileges for his last free days before school started).

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