Friday, January 6, 2012

Purse Shopping on Etsy

I've been using the same purse for a few winters now.  Sadly, it's showing its age and wear (I'm hard on purses), so I decided to get a new one.  I'm not a person who collects purses.  I use one for summer, and one for winter, and make each of them last until they practically fall apart, so I don't have a spare.  Now it's time for my every-few-years winter purse purchase.  I decided that I wanted a messenger-bag style purse, so I could carry a drawing notebook with me all the time.  That way, during free periods while subbing, I could use my time to draw. 

My summer purse. 
(Photo by Nancy Tanguay at Uniquely Nancy)

I love Etsy.  So many artisans and crafters, artists and vendors!  I got a wonderful summer purse from UniquelyNancy a couple years ago, and used it until the strap wore out.  I think I might make a new strap for it and use it again this summer.  I love batik fabric, so I looked for a bag using that kind of material.  It also had to have a long, adjustable strap.  This time I found exactly what I wanted from Lisa at ItsSewDarnCute.

My new winter purse.
 (Photo by Lisa Davis at Its Sew Darn Cute)

I've had wonderful experiences buying from various sellers on Etsy.  I love supporting other self-employed artists.  Even though I'm buying online from all over the U. S., it's still "buying local."  It's an easy way I can help small businesses, and get exactly what I'm looking for in a special purchase.  I hope that people who purchase my art and crafts feel the same way.


  1. I love batiks and I love making bags. I so glad you loved yours to death!

  2. Thanks for the offer of more batik fabric so I can make a matching strap - I really appreciate that. Also, your quilts are amazing. You have so much to offer in your shop!