Sunday, January 8, 2012

To the Zoo

 Tiger cub at the zoo yesterday - 
and I just noticed the house down the hill 
behind the exhibit, outside the zoo.  
Imagine living there, 
and hearing the adult male tiger roaring, 
and the elephants trumpeting.  

I love zoos.  I always have.  Must be all the nature programs I watched as a kid.  (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, anyone?)  And I hate to rush through them.  I like to stand and watch the animals, but you know that taking most kids to the zoo isn't likely to result in unhurried time to observe the wildlife.  It's more like, "Hurry up!  What's next?  Is that a bear?  SQUIRREL!"  So I consider myself blessed that my daughter is just as animal-crazy as I am, and is (usually) willing to take some time to watch the creatures at the zoo.

 Tat and PYY waiting for the penguins to swim by.

Yesterday I took PYY and her friend Tat to the zoo in Syracuse (the Rosamond Gifford Zoo).  It's a nice, medium-sized zoo that appears to take pretty good care of its animals.  It's done some upgrades over the past couple years, notably to their Asian elephant exhibit, and this year they had success in breeding their pair of Amur tigers, resulting in three beautiful cubs.

 Flamingos and ducks - can you believe this photo 
was taken yesterday, January 7th, in Syracuse, NY??

PYY and Tat loved the zoo, and we took our time.  We looked at EVERYTHING, which is just the way it should be.  I took lots of photos, and we learned a bit as we wandered through the indoor and outdoor exhibits.  Still, I thought it funny that after all the exotic animals we saw that day, they were just as excited to see the pony at the petting zoo.  Yes, my daughter and her friend are also certifiably horse-crazy, just as I was at that age.

Tat and PYY, and the pony at the zoo.
Exotic animals?  Who cares!  HORSE!!

We spent the whole afternoon wandering through the zoo.  (Well, I spent the last half hour wandering around the gift shop while the girls dithered over purchasing souvenirs.)  So many wonderful creatures, so little time!  Later this year we'd like to take the kids to Washington D. C., and you can bet the trip will involve an afternoon at the National Zoo.

Golden lion tamarin - posing just like he knew I wanted a good shot.

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