Thursday, March 15, 2012


'Pickwick' crocuses from my old garden, 
beside the tiny rosettes of new sedum foliage.

Darn these allergies! I'm loving the early spring weather, and seeing my garden coming to life again brings me no end of joy, but my allergies are in overdrive. Maple pollen is at an all-time high for our area, but I didn't need The Weather Channel to tell me that. My itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and other assorted icky side effects told me so. Thank goodness for benedryl.

I decided not to work today. Instead I got some extra sleep, and did some shopping. Groceries, take-out for dinner (Wegmans subs!), and new sandals made the day look brighter. I had a heck of a time getting going this morning, though. It felt like I was moving through molasses for half the day. I just couldn't focus. Oh well, maybe I'll be more awake tomorrow.

Safety Guy said he had a decent day at school today, and I'm very relieved. Lately I send him to school, then spend the day wondering if I'm going to get a phone call, or (if I'm subbing) if I'll run into his teacher in the hallway and have one of those conversations that starts with, "About your son . . . ." (I'm starting to want to avoid his teacher when I see her at school. And she's a great teacher! I've just felt like I can't get away from our son's issues anywhere.)

On a funny note, Safety Guy had wrestling practice tonight, and when I picked him up and asked him how it went, he said, "It wasn't one of my better days. I got my butt handed to me." But he wasn't upset - just like, oh well, some days are like that. And that's a HUGE improvement over, "I hate this, I stink at this, and my life stinks!" - which is the response he's been more likely to give me lately when things don't go his way. I asked him if his butt came served with tartar sauce, and we had a good laugh. Sometimes progress is measured in the silliest ways.

Princess Yakyak has her friend C. sleeping over tonight. Both girls fell asleep while watching VeggieTales. It's very quiet out there in the family room. I guess the girls wore each other out. They always get along so well together; it's a real pleasure for PYY to have a friend like C. (and a pleasure for us, too!).

So I'm going to go to bed, and hope I don't have strange dreams tonight like I've been having all week. (One night involved dreaming about trying to round up stray guinea pigs and hamsters and keep them in an assortment of defective cages that they kept escaping from. What the heck? Is that how I really feel about my life?)

Sweet dreams, friends. Spring flowers, soft rain, green leaves, blue skies, and warm sun to you all.

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  1. Good to hear that you're coping. I love retail therapy -- I never spend a lot, but I like getting out by myself. I remember when both of mine were teens -- It can wear you out. They have really good days and really bad ones and it seems like there isn't anything in-between. Ahh, hormones! Glad you took a little break for you today. It does seem that allergies are horrible right now - we just didn't get cold for long enough to kill off all the yucky stuff. Both of my "kids" are suffering from migraines tonight. Melissa is here in Clinton, and Scott is in Maine but both have notified me of their migraines. Still praying for God to smooth the way in your home. Be Blessed!