Saturday, March 10, 2012

Girls' Night Out

Yesterday was another tough day for subbing, but I don't want to dwell on the rocky end to a difficult week. It's over, thank God. Today I'd like to focus on something fun that I did last night: Princess Yakyak and I had a night out together.

 Princess Yakyak and Cookie, 
relaxing on a Saturday morning.

We didn't have any big plans, just shopping and dinner, but we really enjoyed ourselves. We dropped Safety Guy off at Tech Guy's workplace, and they went out for some guy time (pizza and a trip to Guitar Center). PYY and I were much more ambitious.

First we went to a specialty athletic shoe store called Fleet Feet, to see if I could find some good quality cross trainers for my poor unhappy feet.  My husband gets his running shoes there.  The young salesman who helped me was quite nice, and I found a pair of New Balance shoes that I really liked, except they were a smidge too small. I need the extra half size, so they ordered them for me with no obligation to buy - I can try them on when they come in.  I'm pretty sure they'll be just right, and I can hardly wait to have them for my fitness class. I'll get another decent pair of walking sneakers for everyday use somewhere else (i.e. cheaper). I figure if I'm going to commit to the boot camp class, I should treat my feet right.

After that we hopped across the street to browse through Pier 1 Imports. I love Pier 1, but I hardly ever go there because it's out of the way. The shoe store was the perfect excuse to stop in. I could spend a fortune there if I had a fortune to spend. As it happened, I bought nothing, but we really enjoyed looking around.

Next stop, Barnes & Noble! This was Princess Yakyak's request. She's been saving her money for a while, and she wants to buy a Nook Color. I wanted her to take some time and play with their demonstration models, to make sure it's what she really wants to get. We also indulged in a snack and a drink. I had my favorite coffee, a decaf cafe mocha, and a cranberry orange scone.  PYY had a triple chocolate brownie and milk.  Ah, bliss!

Moving on, we went to the mall nearby. Princess Yakyak had to return a birthday gift (great minds think alike: my Mom and I bought PYY identical hoodies from Sears for her birthday), so she used the store credit to buy a bright turquoise T-shirt that says, "I'm not bossy, I just have better ideas." Oh, so true! Then we ambled over to Bath & Body Works so I could use a coupon that amounted to a buy one get one deal. I splurged on some eucalyptus spearmint massage oil, and a bottle of coconut lime body lotion. After a quick glance through GameStop for PYY, we decided it was time to go find dinner.

Last stop, Wegmans! For those of you not from the northeast, Wegmans is a grocery store chain. They're a bit more high end than most groceries, even though they often have good deals on basics. They're well known for their fresh prepared foods, cafe and bakery. We had dinner from their hot food bar - Chinese for me (tofu in black bean sauce with red peppers over brown rice, with sauteed garlic ginger snap peas on the side, and unsweetened jasmine green tea), and odds and ends for PYY (tempura chicken, grapes, and an onion ring, with grape juice to drink). Then I picked up a few items that I like to buy there that I can't get anywhere else, and we headed home.

On the way home we had a wonderful conversation about modesty, brought about by looking at the clothing for girls and young women in Sears, and then walking by Victoria's Secret and seeing the hyper-perfect air-brushed lingerie models on huge posters. Princess Yakyak had seen some really nice shorts she liked in Sears - denim, and coming down to mid-thigh with cute detailing on the pockets. I complimented her on choosing something modest, and said we'd get her some in April. That and the posters led to a whole discussion of what modesty is, and why it's important. I reiterated to her that there are certain items of clothing that we will not buy for her or allow her to wear while she lives with us (bikinis, crop tops, and Daisy Duke shorts, for starters), and she agreed with our reasoning. Thankfully, right now she seems to have a very good understanding of why we have the boundaries we do. I know there will probably be future battles over this with her, but for now I think we've got a good foundation.

It was a very pleasant evening, and a good antidote to the long, stressful week.

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  1. Sounds like a great girls night out!

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