Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random Week

This past week went by in a blur of subbing, fitness, wrestling, family, moving, meltdowns, attitudes, weather, blessings, fun, and cleaning.  Here are a few things that stand out:

Subbing is fun - you never know what you'll be doing.  This week included high school history (watching the movie "Social Network"), seventh grade math (one period was the class from heck), high school biology (dissecting fetal pigs), high school digital art, architecture, and photography (fun!), and seventh grade English (reading "Where The Red Fern Grows" - good classes).

I heard back from Safety Guy's psychiatrist, and he'll get a new evaluation later this spring since it's been almost two years since his last one.  We also will be seeking a referral to a counselor who specializes in working with teens with Aspergers, since Safety Guy has asked us for help with his impulse control and anger issues.  I need to say that again:  Safety Guy ASKED US FOR HELP.  If you know anything about Aspergers, this kind of self-awareness and reaching out is remarkable.  Hopefully we can get him some help to deal with these issues.  He's had some trouble in school with his temper (expressed in verbal outbursts and swearing), and we don't want to wait for a crisis to seek professional help.  We'll also be seeing his pediatrician next week, so he's up to speed with what's been going on.

I've started drawing again.  Just little things, ACEOs, but it's something.  I just haven't clicked into the right frame of mind to do a large project.  But at least the creative logjam seems to be breaking up a bit.

The weather has been really schizo.  Cool and rainy to cold and snowy and back to freezing rain and treacherous roads over the course of a couple days earlier this week, sandwiched between clearing, warmer weather with stiff winds.  By Wednesday this week it's supposed to be clear, sunny, and almost 60F.  My sinuses haven't been happy with the roller coaster weather.

I'm still going to my fitness class.  I've had some issues with my achilles tendons, but they seem to be improving.  I'm starting to see some real gains in my endurance and flexibility, and my ability to do exercises more easily now that I really struggled with two months ago.  Hooray for progress!

 Safety Guy's guinea pig Flash, loafing in her pigloo.
Which was what I wanted to do after we helped my sister move
last weekend - loaf around and do nothing.
But that didn't happen. . . .

We helped my sister Debbie move last weekend.  I think my fitness class prepped me for the move, because I was able to do a lot without getting wiped out, although by the end of the day I was still pretty tired.  Moving across town meant loading the truck in the AM, and unloading it in the PM.  And of course I ached  the next day.  But it was all good - helping my sister and my parents plus getting a full day of stiff exercise was a win all around.  Well, it didn't hurt that my sister gave us two homemade apple pies as a thank-you!

But that was only the first half of the weekend.  

You've gotta love schools.  They passed out "free" tickets to a traveling zoo/fun fair thing to all the kids.  That zoo thing happened to be scheduled for the day after helping my sister move.  The tickets were for the kids, who were free with an adult ticket purchase.  Of course PYY was all excited to go see the animals, and it was her birthday weekend, and we'd had to postpone her horseback riding for better weather.  So, against my better judgment, I took Princess Yakyak to this zoo/fair thing Sunday afternoon.  The adult ticket was $13 (ack!), and $8 for parking (yikes!).  The fun fair itself was a mixed bag of exotic creatures and domestic farm animals, all in a convention center, with the animals in pens and cages side by side with small fairground rides, midway games, and snack stalls - all WAY overpriced, loud, and with flashing lights.  We enjoyed seeing the critters (who, to be fair, looked to be mostly in good health, except for the capybara with a skin condition that was billed as the "Giant 100 Pound Rat!"), but we skipped the rest of the overpriced schlock except for a bag of cotton candy.

Princess Yakyak was most offended at this glaring "false advertising,"
since she's a nature girl and immediately 
identified the capybara for what it really was. 
And the poor capybara obviously had a skin condition 
that left it partially hairless on its body.

Finally, Safety Guy wants to learn how to cook.  He unearthed a cookbook from the basement last week and pored over it for a couple days before announcing that he wanted to make Lemon Chicken.  So, he did.  But that's tomorrow's post - stay tuned!

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  1. Glad the fitness class is becoming your friend. :) Hang in there!
    You are right, it is so hard for the Aspie crowd to be aware of their impact on others, so for SG to proactively seek help, hurrah!