Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rescue Me

I've heard of all kinds of animal rescue organizations, and I have a soft spot in my heart for homeless creatures.  We've adopted rescued guinea pigs, and all three of our cats are from shelters.  Last weekend I adopted another poor unwanted critter.  The reason my husband didn't blow a gasket (since I received the "NO MORE ANIMALS PLEASE!" request after our fourth guinea pig, two years ago), is because our latest addition isn't a mammal, bird, or reptile.  It's low maintenance, quiet, and easy.  It's a goldfish.  A BIG goldfish.

I kind of fell into this adoption.  I went to PetSmart to pick up a couple small goldfish, since over the past few months some of our older fish had died, and the tank was looking rather lonely.  The saleslady asked me what size tank I had  (75 gal.) and what I was looking for (goldfish).  She asked me if I'd be interested in any rescued goldfish.  RESCUED goldfish?  It's not like you see them with "free to good home" signs by the side of the road, so I was curious.  It turns out a boy had purchased a few common goldfish from that store quite a while ago.  They grew and grew, and outgrew their small tank.  So, rather than flushing his pets, the boy brought them back to PetSmart to see if they could take them and find them new homes.

The saleslady told me that PetSmart normally doesn't take back animals or fish, because they cannot resell them.  They can only give them away for adoption.  This boy had brought these fish in literally minutes before I arrived - they were still in their ziploc baggies, and the boy was still there.  Now, I wasn't imagining big goldfish, so I was surprised to see three BIG GOLDFISH in the holding tank in their baggies.  One was orange with a white edge on its tail, and about 6.5" long.  The other two were slightly smaller, and all white.  I didn't want to overload my tank with big fish (because all of my other fish are much smaller - the koi is 5" long, the others are less).  But I decided to take home the orange fish, because he was husky and healthy.  I promised the boy I'd take good care of his fish.  I also bought two little shubunkin goldfish (which PYY promptly christened Fred and Bob when I got home).

Meet Leviathan (Levi for short - Tech Guy suggested the longer name):

Levi is a big guy, about 6 1/2".  (Or gal? I'm not sure.) 
For comparison, the fish in front of him is Tiger,
who is about 4.25" long, and most of that is his tail.

And that's how I came to adopt another pet, and still get to keep my husband. ;-)


  1. Wow!!

    Talk about perfect timing! :)

  2. Please stop by my blog, there is an award waiting for you. :)

    1. Thanks a million!! I'll feature that in a post over the weekend. I'm used up for tonight.