Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break? I Guess So. . . .

 Today was the last day of school before spring break.  Actually, the kids weren't too squirrely in school today.  At least I had a choice of classrooms to sub in.  I gave the call-center lady a laugh when she asked if I was available to sub at 6AM, and I said, "Honestly, it depends on who needs my help today."  And I wasn't joking, especially after yesterday's sixth grade marathon class.  Anyhow, my choices today were sixth grade again, or high school social studies.  Guess which one I chose?  It wasn't sixth grade ;-)

For being a break, we've got quite a few things planned to do.  No tropical vacation, alas, but we will travel to visit family, attend Easter service at our church, have a doctor's appointment, dental appointment, and massage for me, a psychiatric re-eval for Safety Guy, haircuts for the kids, shopping with Princess Yakyak, and possibly a morning of horseback riding somewhere in there.  Oh, and a sleepover tonight for Safety Guy and a friend, here.

Safety Guy's friend E. will be coming home from Boy Scouts with him, and going home tomorrow afternoon.  The guys should have fun, and while I'll get them some snacks and drinks, they won't involve caffeine or sugar.  I've learned my lesson, since E. has ADHD, and the caffeine doesn't do SG any favors either.  I expect a long evening of living room wrestling, video games, fart jokes, burping contests, and cries of "Duuuude!" And I'll love it for its sheer normalcy, since I used to wonder if Safety Guy would ever have friendships like this.  So bring it on!

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