Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Busy-ness

The last few unblasted blossoms on our cherry tree, 
which was hit hard by the frost last week.

It was good to have a "free" weekend.  It seems like our spring "break" was one long round of appointments, to do lists, driving all over New York state, family visits, kid sleepovers and play dates, and house chores.  It was good to have a couple days to just be as busy as we wanted to be at our own pace, AT HOME.

My husband has been working on our upstairs bathrooms.  We'll be getting new tile floors put in them next week, so he's been upgrading the cabinetry and fixtures while we wait for the "main event."  He's been painting the cabinets, removing glued-on cheap mirrors from the walls, touching up the paint on the walls, and removing and repainting the baseboards.  The bathrooms will look so much nicer when they're put back together, but for now we're at the "it always looks worse before it looks better" stage. 

I did a bunch of garden chores yesterday and the day before.  Mulching, weeding, transplanting and planting - it was very good exercise, and very therapeutic.  I scored some inexpensive rose bushes at Aldi ($3.99 each, so I bought 2 - 'Arizona,' which is a coppery gold fragrant grandiflora, and 'Camelot,' which is shrimp pink, old fashioned in form, fragrant, and also a grandiflora, if you're curious), so I planted those.  A new low spreading yew bush took the place of the unhappy rhododendron in the front yard (which is potted and awaiting a new home next door).  I moved some penstemon that were wildly out of place in the front yard and put them in the back yard in the first planting box on the uphill side of the property.  We'll see how that box fills in.  Right now it's got aster 'Bluebird,' rose 'Camelot,' ornamental grass Miscanthus purpurascens, siberian iris seedlings (out of 'Tropic Night'), and the Rocky Mountain penstemon from the front yard.  I'll fill in the rest of the space with some annuals in a few weeks.

I also refinished two items of furniture last Friday, which was a glorious, sunny, DRY day.  I sanded and stained the top of our much-abused kitchen table, so it looks if not new again, at least presentable and clean in the kitchen, instead of looking like something that belongs in the garage.  And, I repainted my favorite rocking chair, the one I use on the back porch.  The original brown color of the frame was sun-faded and the finish was starting to peel in various spots.  I sanded it, took it apart (the seat and back can be removed - they're vinyl "wicker" and almost indestructible), then spray painted it with glossy apple green Rustoleum.  Voila!  One refurbished, cheerful rocking chair.


  1. Very nice job on the chair!!!

    1. Thanks! I love to sit on the porch in the late evening and watch the stars come out, or watch for shooting stars.