Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We're Off To See The Wizard

Tomorrow we'll be taking Safety Guy for a reevaluation with his psychiatrist.  He hasn't been to see Dr. A. in almost two years, but we want to keep current with SG's diagnoses, abilities and needs.  We want to talk to Dr. A. about recommending a counselor to work with Safety Guy through his teen years, especially since I think we're seeing the looming shadow of depression coming over the horizon.  Depression is very, very common among people with Aspergers, and we have a strong family history of it as well, so SG has multiple strikes against him on that score.

I just spent over an hour copying academic information for Dr. A. (not counting running out of ink and having to dash to the Rite Aid down the road 5 minutes before it closed to buy their last cartridge of printer ink).  I want him to have everything he needs to get an accurate picture of Safety Guy's progress and problems at school over the past almost two years.  Good things and bad, easy and difficult, official and unofficial - we need to talk, take stock of where we are, and make plans for the next year or so. 

I'm grateful that a friend of ours from church will be keeping Princess Yakyak for us during this appointment.  It's a win/win, since this friend's daughter is PYY's best friend at church.  The girls will entertain each other all morning, and we can focus on SG without having to referee or worry about PYY sitting in a psychiatric waiting room at a major teaching hospital.  She's too young for us to be comfortable with that.

So we're off to see the wizard, although Dr. A. would be the last person to claim the flash-bang magic of the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz, and he's absolutely the real thing, not a sham.  But traveling through autism with our son sometimes feels like walking through another world, where the rules change at random intervals, and things can get pretty weird.  Most days I feel like the Scarecrow (always my favorite character from the movie, bless Ray Bolger), although I have my Cowardly Lion moments too.  (Don't ask my kids about the Flying Monkeys - I've been the Wicked Witch a time or two or three as well. . . .)

Just a little everyday "magic" tomorrow would be nice - kindness and understanding, compassion and help.  That's all we're looking for.  And I'll skip the rest of the Oz jokes - for now ;-)


  1. Praying that you'll find the support and answers you need.

  2. Praying for SG, that the appt goes well, and that this doctor will have a wonderful plan of treatment for SG.

  3. The appointment went very well, and we go back Monday to discuss the results of the testing and decide where to go from here. Thanks for the prayers!

  4. Hoping your appointment went well! We all need a little extra kindness! Enjoy!