Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bloggers For Birth Kits

The Mommyhood Memos Bloggers for Birth Kits We take a lot of things for granted in the United States, and elsewhere in the developed world.  Chances are if you are a woman reading my blog and you have children, you gave birth in a hospital, birthing center, or clean home environment.  Chances are you didn't doubt that you'd survive the birth, or that you'd have an excellent chance of having a healthy baby.  However, in the developing world, the risk of dying in childbirth and the incidence of child mortality are mind-blowing.  For instance, in rural Papua New Guinea 1 in 7 mothers die in childbirth.  For every woman in the world who dies in childbirth, another 30 incur injuries or infections related to the birth, many of which are preventable.  (Source:  World Health Organization)

Today I learned from Rants From Mommyland about a program run by Adriel Booker for Youth With A Mission Ships (YWAMships.org) out of Australia, ministering in Papua New Guinea.  Her initiative is called Bloggers For Birth Kits.  I think it's an amazing opportunity for moms I know to help other moms in parts of the world where the risk of dying in childbirth and child mortality are incredibly high, often for lack of sanitary birth assistance - a preventable tragedy.

Making a birth kit is easy and inexpensive. A birth kit is simply a ziploc bag of sanitary supplies for a birth attendant and mother to use to reduce the risk of infection for both mother and baby.  The kit includes a plastic sheet (3' x 3'), a pair of rubber gloves, three pieces of string (10" each), five squares of gauze (3" x 3"), a razor blade (which the attendant will be taught to sterilize before use), and a piece of soap (about 1/8 of a large bar, or a hotel-sized bar).  A more detailed list and a video are available at Bloggers For Birth Kits - please go take a look.

You can also contribute money to this ministry of YWAM, where a $10 donation will provide 5 birth kits.  (If you do this, be sure to write "Bloggers For Birth Kits" in the memo section!)

It's a simple way to make a possibly life-saving difference to mothers and babies who don't have the same access to safe, sanitary birthing conditions and medical care that we are blessed with.  These kits will provide many happy mother's days for many families.

Thank you.

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  1. Startling statistics. What a wonderful program~