Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drama Central

Whoa, who took my usually pleasant kids and replaced them with this pair of overreacting, short-tempered drama queens?  Oy, what a week.  I've had more than a few, "Did you just listen to what I said, and am I speaking English?" moments.  It's like they're listening and reacting to the first half of every sentence without waiting to hear what the end of the sentence even IS.  It's enough to make me seriously crazy.  It may be symptomatic of my frame of mind that I bought Safety Guy a couple items of clothing for back to school yesterday, even though school doesn't begin again for us until after Labor Day.  Two more months of lots of time with my children - Lord help me, it's going to be a long summer. . . .

On the other hand, we've been having a run of nice weather, and we've spent hours and hours at the public pool.  I'm sure we'll go again later today.  The pool is a good place for the kids to get away from each other.  (Although I've had to point out a few times that if they have the whole pool to enjoy, they don't need to gravitate to each other and argue.  It's like there's some space/time anomaly that pulls them into each others' sphere of influence within five minutes no matter where they are or what other distractions may be there.  How is it possible that they can get into an argument in the water when they've got dozens of other people and all that space to spread out in?  )  

The pool gives Safety Guy a number of things that are good for him:  the sense of pressure from the water, the ability to duck under the water and listen to the muted sounds - which are both interesting and soothing to him - and some good exercise.  He hasn't wanted to go off the diving board, although he's perfectly capable.  I think if he were ALONE in the pool he might give it a try.  Doing it in front of other people just doesn't feel comfortable to him.  Princess Yakyak, on the other hand, loves the diving boards, and just last week she started going off the high diving board.  She's very proud of herself.  We'll be leaving for the pool again soon - more good clean fun in the sun.  I'll take my camp chair and my drawing supplies.  I did several ACEOs during their last stint at the pool.  We'll see what I come up with today.

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