Saturday, June 30, 2012


I didn't sleep worth a darn last night (I had enough bizarre dreams to keep a psychiatrist busy with me for a year), but I woke up to the wonderful surprise that Sophia, our fluffy old lady cat, is feeling much better.  She's back to her old self, chatty and affectionate.  I am so relieved - I was afraid that I'd wake up to sorrow, or to a vet trip that would end in sadness.  Instead, Sophia greeted me with a meow and a purr, snuggled into my shoulder, and tried to nibble my fingers as I petted her (a sign of her affection - love nibbles).  Now I'm grateful for not-so-small mercies - thank you, Lord!

Today we're going to do something unusual - my whole family is going to a huge garden center.  That is, a garden center that covers as much square footage as a big box store, plus greenhouses.  And you know whose idea it was?  My husband's!  What a sweet guy.  And I'm still wondering how I missed a garden center this size after living in this area for three years now.  (In my defense, it's not nearby, and it's where I never have to go for normal shopping or appointments.)  So we're taking a family trip to go look at plants and garden supplies.  This place is so big it even has a cafe, so we'll eat lunch there.  I hope the kids are good sports about this - normally I get eye-rolling and sighs and whining from them when I even suggest that I want to stop somewhere to look at plants.  "Oh, Moooomm!  Can you drop us off at home first?"

Maybe they'll have a koi pond.  I could sit for hours and watch a koi pond.


  1. We had a very nice time, and the kids were good. I even got an early birthday present from my husband and kids - a Japanese iris (blue-lavender with yellow falls and white edges). I've wanted a Japanese iris for years, and you don't often see them in garden centers. I'm delighted with it.