Friday, July 20, 2012

Micro Whine, Macro Gratefulness

I'm sagging and dragging today, but I did a third workout for the week this morning.  It was a tough one.  My little whine is that my hands are still bothering me, although not as much as earlier in the week, and I ache all over.  It's a day where my body feels closer to 83 than 43.  Advil is my friend, and a wrist brace made sleeping much better last night.  I'm really, really grateful that my friend Melissa, who works out with me (and who's also general manager of the gym where I work out) gave me a post-workout workover to unkink my shoulders and arms.  That kind of hard massage can be painful as it happens, but very effective in the long run.  Ice, ibuprofen, and I'm on my way again.  Thanks, Melissa!

An unknown daylily I bought from my sister's neighbor in NC a couple years ago.  This one often throws polytepal flowers (flowers with extra petals and sepals).  I wish I knew the variety, it's a stunner.  I'm grateful for such beauty in my garden.
More to be grateful for:  the Princess is interested in sewing (she goes hot/cold on various projects all the time, so this is just the latest interest).  She's done some before.  She's like my Mom, who cycled through various hobbies through my childhood and young adult years.  Some hobbies came back around again with some regularity (knitting, crocheting, latch hook rugs, and making clothes), while other were a flash in the pan (macrame, make-it bake-it window decorations, jazzercise).  I'm not sure if this is our fourth or fifth journey into the land of sewing, but it's our most successful so far.  Yesterday she made two pillows - one plain, and one patchwork - and a simple purse with a cross-body strap.  Today she's starting a patchwork tote bag.  I don't know if we'll finish it tonight, but it's coming along really well.  I suggested that her next project involve making a simple dress.  I'm not a great seamstress, but I can help her do simple things.  Hopefully she'll continue to enjoy this hobby.  If she wants to do more complex things, she can ask either of her grandmothers, who are both excellent seamstresses.

One of my seedlings, a nice creamy flower with a green eye.  I've toyed with the idea of naming it after my daughter, or my grandmother.  They both have "Pearl" as a middle name, and my Grandma went by Pearl her whole life.
And still more to be grateful for:  Safety Guy gave me an unsolicited hug yesterday!  That kind of display of affection is rare from him, so it was sweet.  He went through a typical young man thing for a couple years where he didn't want ANY physical affection from us in public, and rarely in private.  The past year he's come back around to enjoying the occasional hug.  Even sweeter:  while he was calling me from camp, he told me, "I love you," very quietly at the end of the conversation, so his camping buddies couldn't overhear his soft side.


  1. Laurel, what kind of workout are you doing? I'm proud of you! I only got two walks in this week and am feeling super sluggish.

    love to you (and I LOVE that SG hugged you!)

    1. I'm doing a boot camp workout - 1 1/4 hours of straight core/strength/cardio mixed up every session. It's never the same routine twice. I'm doing it twice a week, but this week I picked up a third class because I missed one last week. It's pretty intense, but I've gained a lot of balance and strength since starting. (And since I have very little natural balance, I'm happy to gain some!)