Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Wednesday

High summer, the grass is brown and crispy, and the cicadas are humming.  I'm keeping the kids busy with their various activities, and trying to keep the garden alive.  I'm still drawing and even sewing a little (I've listed four more teddy bears in my shop).  I'm still working out, and trying to be smart about what I eat, and I'm keeping a food log at the suggestion of a good friend, which has been helpful for me.  It's been good to have time to work on house stuff and still go to the pool when we want to.  Here are some highlights from the past week:

Safety Guy spent a long week at Boy Scout Camp.  He earned three merit badges and is most of the way through a fourth (he got Fishing, Woodcarving, and Leatherworking, and almost finished Nature).  He had some ups and downs with homesickness, but did pretty well over all.  He was thrilled to catch his first fish, but had a mishap while woodcarving that left a nice deep cut across his palm.  I guess if you're going to injure yourself, a camp full of Boy Scouts, Scout Masters, and a Nurse is the best place to be.  He's mostly healed up now and none the worse for wear.  His Dad spent a few days at Scout Camp too, as a volunteer with his troop, so they got some good guy bonding time. 

Princess Yakyak had her first horseback riding lesson last week.  It was love at first sight with her beginner horse, Cody, and she's a natural in the saddle (according to her instructor, not just her mother).  She can't wait for her next lesson, and she's already talking about showing horses in the future, and owning a stable of her own.  I can see this going on for a looooong time, but it's a great activity for her and I'm all for it.  I had lessons for a year or so at her age, and loved it.  I remember being horse crazy and dreaming of owning my own stable.  Princess Yakyak says that when she has her own stable, she'll keep a horse for me so we can ride together.  I kind of hope we get to do that, actually.

The back deck.  Dry, dry, dry!
It's been a struggle to keep the garden in reasonable shape this year.  On the plus side, the weeding  hasn't been too bad.  On the negative, I've had to target watering to the beds that need it the most, since we're several inches below the rain we usually have for the past couple months.  We've seen rain go by on the radar quite a few times, just north of us or well south of us.  We got quite the light show last night, but nary a drop of rain.  We seem to be in a dry island in the weather pattern in CNY right now.  And we're not even officially "drought stricken" like many places in the U.S., but as we drive we can see the lack of rain taking a toll on local crops.  It was 97 in the shade here yesterday, but is a much more moderate 83 today.

My grapes are fruiting like CRAZY.   They obviously love the heat.  The variety is 'Reliance,' a red seedless for fresh eating.
 I'm having a lot of trouble with my hands this week, due to carpal tunnel syndrome.  I've had flareups of that for many years, never very prolonged or severe.  This week, though, has been the worst episode ever.  If it hasn't eased off by the end of the week, I'll be talking with my doctor, although frankly most of what they'll suggest is over-the counter anti-inflammatory drugs, wrist splints at night, ice packs, and moderating what I do with my hands.  I think what triggered this was heaving a medicine ball around at my fitness class on Monday, because it was after that things went downhill for my hands.  I may have to modify that exercise (which was new to me, and actually a lot of fun to do with a partner).  I ached yesterday, but it was very disconcerting to wake up early today in so much pain, and with so much swelling, numbness, tingling and weakness in my hands.  I'll be icing my wrists today and being careful.  (Well, as careful as I can with laundry and house chores to do.)

My sister Kelly has started a blog featuring her recipes.  She's a good writer, and she is a wonderful cook.  If you have a moment, please stop by and check out her blog.  It's Kelly Ann's Cooking.  I need to try her Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole SOON.


  1. I had the carpel tunnel surgery in both hands and it really stops the pain. The only thing I dislike is I can not open a water bottle with out using a plastic mit of some kind.

    I am so in love with the horse riding story for you and princess Yakyak!!!! If you ever have your own horses I am inviting myself over to pet, feed, talk to and love on any and all of them!!

    So glad scouting went well, badges were earned, male bonding was successful and wounds were minimal!!!!

    Try to go easy on your hands!! I love the blue bear in the photo!!!!

  2. Thank you! You'll be welcome to visit, as always. I don't think surgery is imminent for me, but it may be in my future. I'm icing my wrists today, between other stuff. The worst is waking up in pain.