Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Aaaaand today was the step back day.  Well, most of it was actually quite good, but part of it was a step back, a totally discouraging Aspergers-plus-sibling crap pileup of rush hour freeway in fog proportions, a real train wreck.  It's not important what it was over (small stuff, sibling picking), but it escalated into a verbal confrontation with Safety Guy and myself, in the parking lot of our local Wal Mart no less.

Aspergers meltdowns stink.

Sibling rivalry stinks.


Calgon is definitely not enough for me to deal with this level of stress.  Wine, chocolate, and valium might help temporarily.  After the storm passed I thought longingly of a solo vacation somewhere far away.  I told my husband I fleetingly thought of clunking their heads together during the whole double fiasco.  If only one of them would be quiet and stop pouring gasoline on the flames!

But after their "cooling down" period (after the drama, after the time in their rooms), both SG and PYY were much pleasanter for the evening.  SG hasn't directly apologized to me yet, although his behavior has been MUCH better.  And, when he and PYY started to snipe at each other a bit after dinner, he stopped himself and said to her, "I'm not going to say any more.  I don't want to go there."  And she agreed.  Maybe a little net learning has occurred.

 So why do I still feel like my shoulders are trying to crawl up the back of my neck?


  1. Calgon??? Girl, you need cognac!

    I am sorry you had such a rough day. Kids are the best and brightest joy life can bring...and then they learn to talk and that all goes to pot some days.

    1. Ha, yes, them being verbal is sometimes WAAAAY overrated ;-)