Sunday, January 1, 2012

A-listing I Will Go.

I spent New Year's Eve and tonight making new listings for my Etsy shop.  That can be rather time-consuming, but it's worth it to get it "live"online.

I did the photographs a couple days ago.  I need to redo a handful of photos, but I decided to get the listings up and add the better photos tomorrow (when I'll have good daylight for new pictures).

I listed a tea light candle holder, which I like a lot.  I don't use tea lights in exposed holders like this one, though - not since the "Valentine's Day Fluffy Cat Tail Candle Incident" and the "Stupid Cat Loses Eyebrow Whiskers On Mantelpiece Candle Incident."  So I'll sell it, to someone with either smarter cats (bwahahahahahaaa!) or no cats at all.

I also listed a handful of necklaces in an assortment of styles.  I've sold some necklaces through Hartsville Hollow this year, so I'm hoping some sell on Etsy.  I've had very few sales on Etsy this year, which is probably a combination of the poor economy and me not regularly listing and promoting my stuff on Etsy.  If I want to really grow my art into a second income, I need to get serious about promoting my work, and creating new work regularly and often.

Finally, I listed a dozen teddy bears.  Little teddy bears, only 9 1/2" tall, just the right size for a child to carry around or tuck into a backpack.  I started making the bears to occupy my hands while I waited for Princess Yakyak at soccer practice.  Most evenings I'd go for a long walk, then sit and sew.  I had oodles of fabric stashed from old projects.  Some of the fabric was from my mother, remnants from past quilts.  Some of it was from my own quilt and craft projects over the years.  I've made teddy bears since college, in a variety of sizes, but I didn't modify the pattern to make the little bears until about 4 years ago.  Once I started making the bears this fall, I also picked up fat quarters occasionally just because I liked the fabric.  Anyhow, before I knew it I had over 20 bears.  Some became gifts for friends and family, but I still have quite a few left.  So, even though they match nothing else in my Etsy shop, there they are.

For the New Year, I hope to be more purposeful and disciplined about being creative.  That sounds rather counter-intuitive, but if I want to make any money from my art, I need to have a goal and a plan.  That's where my husband (a.k.a. Mr. Organization and Planning) will be a big help.  I'm excited for 2012 - I hope it's a good year for my family, and yours as well.