Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Wednesday

It's been too warm for me to start winter sowing.  I never thought I'd be saying that, living in Central New York and on January 11th, but there you have it.  It's over 50F again today - wonderful, early spring type weather.  I'm afraid to sow anything, because in temps like this some seeds could sprout, then freeze solid when winter arrives for real.  I'm not complaining, though, because that means this winter will feel SHORT.  Even if we get dumped on with snow for the next two and a half months, that's still far less winter weather than we usually get here near the Great Lakes.  Last winter lasted forever - bitter cold and heavy snow for almost 6 straight months, late October to early April.  It was unbelievable, even with a mild January "thaw" that lasted all of a handful of days.  I'm hoping to start winter sowing next week.

Safety Guy started wrestling last night.  He was a bit overwhelmed at first, given the gaggle of younger kids in the club.  There are a handful of boys in the 12-14 age range, though, and when he found his friend T. he stayed near him.  Safety Guy is a total novice at wrestling, and probably the biggest darn beginner the coaches have ever dealt with, but they got him right into the swing of things.  He needs 1:1 to learn the basic positions, he'll be working on his fitness and strength as he goes along, and he won't be ready to compete until next winter.  But overall it was a GOOD experience for him.  He got a little upset when he had difficulty picking up on the exercises the guys were doing, until the coaches showed him step by step how to do each one.  Then they started showing him some basic positions and holds.  I wondered how he'd handle the physical contact required of this sport, since he's never been a rough and tumble kind of kid, and has studiously avoided contact sports.  But I knew he had a good chance of sticking with this when I saw a coach pin him, and Safety Guy was grinning.

 Winter?  What winter?

I'm starting a fitness class tonight, one that meets during Princess Yakyak's new acrobatics class (at the same fitness center that Safety Guy does wrestling - Titletown Fight Club).  It's called an Adult Boot Camp, and this session is small, with just a few ladies in it.  A handful of guys attend another boot camp session later in the evening.  The instructor for this session is a really nice young woman who doesn't make anyone feel intimidated or inadequate for starting from a low fitness level.  I'm looking forward to this class, and I hope it can help me keep moving forward with healthy choices in my life, and set a good example for my kids.  My husband has a gym where he works, and he does that a couple times each week and runs as well, so he's doing great already, and is very encouraging to me about my own desire to become more fit.

I substitute taught in a high school resource class yesterday.  One period the teacher pushes into is a 12th grade chemistry class.  I started out my morning feeling really rough around the edges, like I was fighting off something emotional and physical, with anxiety capping the whole bleh experience.  I was not looking forward to going to work, even though I knew this teacher's classes would be pretty mild mannered.  I was pleasantly surprised to go to the science class and find that they were watching the pilot episode of "MacGyver," and taking notes about all of the science-related stuff he used or did.  I can think of far worse ways to start my day than by watching Richard Dean Anderson.