Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life in the Slow Lane

This week has been slow on the subbing front - just one day, and a half day on the schedule for tomorrow.  It will mean an itty bitty paycheck, but I'm enjoying the time to catch up on stuff around the house, and the time to relax a little.  Time to think, and time to work on some art.  Time to sit with a cat on my lap.  Time to pray.  Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of time to spend and invest.

I've got a handful of things to list in my Etsy shop - 4 ACEOs, and a painting.  Hopefully I can get those photos edited and the listings uploaded later today.  I tried to work on some drawings and bears earlier this week, and I had very little focus, so I set it aside.  Sometimes creating art means knowing when to STOP.  Some days I have "it" (the focus and inspiration and time all come together and something good happens), and some days I just don't.  I can always tell when I don't have what it takes to work well, within minutes of picking up a pen or needle, and I've learned it's best then to just set the project aside for later.

 Red Sky At Night, acrylic on art board, 11" x 14", 2011-12

I might bake some bread today.  (I mentioned that idea to Princess Yakyak this morning, much to her delight and enthusiasm.)  I might also throw in a batch of biscotti.  There's nothing on my "to do" list today except to get Safety Guy to wrestling practice tonight, so I hope to get some things done in a leisurely fashion.  Maybe today can be the antidote to all the hormone drama from earlier this week.