Sunday, February 12, 2012

Roller Coaster Week

I'm sorry I haven't been a consistent blogger lately.  I was hit by a wave of depression last week, not a major "down" but a persistent "bleh" mood.  It was a real struggle to keep doing positive things and keep any kind of good attitude.

Many good things happened as I slogged through my days.  I had three days of subbing (8th grade social studies with some of my students from last fall, a day and a half of home economics for jr/sr high, and a half day of Spanish in the high school).  I finished a handful of teddy bears and listed them in my Etsy shop.  I started some more bears, and worked on a drawing.  Meals got made, laundry got tackled, pets got taken care of, and we got to visit friends a couple nights ago.  I even made it to both nights of my fitness class.  Not a bad track record, really.

But it was also a very down week on the Aspergers/13 year old boy front.  Safety Guy had some issues at school (academic and behavioral) that really got to me as I dealt with them.   He had provoked another student verbally, yelled at his teacher, used foul language, and earned a detention for his behavior.  Also, he had been lying to us about getting his homework done, and those chickens came home to roost the same day he had the meltdown.

Crash.  Burn.  Consequences.  More melting down.  Bargaining - no bargain.  Further pyrotechnics.  Resignation.  Turnaround.  Acceptance.   Moving on.

Safety Guy has lost his electronics (except for the MP3 player) for two whole weeks - an eternity in his world.  He protested (loudly).  We told him the time he was grounded needed to be long enough for him to prove to us that he was really changing his behavior and attitude for the better, and consistently doing the homework and turning it in.   He grumped and stewed for a couple days before deciding we were really going to stick to what we had said.  Since then he's been much better.  The past few days he's been very mellow.  He's been reading a lot, and listening to music.  He's even helped with a good attitude when asked to take a hand with household chores.

It was really hard for me to process his choices and behavior this week.   I didn't sleep well for several nights.  We seem to be on an upward trend for now, but I've gotten back in touch with the psychiatrist who reevaluated SG's Aspergers two summers ago.  I'd like a new eval, and a recommendation for a counselor for SG to see regularly.  SG actually requested to see someone besides the school counselors, to get help with his anger issues.  I'm really proud of Safety Guy for recognizing that he NEEDS help, and being able to verbalize exactly what he needs help with.  That's HUGE, and beyond amazing for someone with Aspergers.  Hopefully the doctor will be able to help us.  Stay tuned.