Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boot Camp

About a month ago I started a fitness class.  It's a "boot camp" class that meets at the same time that Princess Yakyak has her acrobatics class.  It's a little class, just three ladies and an instructor.  Nobody dressed to impress, nobody flaunting impossibly sculpted abs, no mirrors (thank you, Lord!).  Just us three average moms, sweating under the kind but persistent eye of our instructor.

Much to my surprise, I'm really enjoying this exercise class.  I even miss it if I can't get there, which amazes me.  (It happened just once, but I was totally flabbergasted that I missed exercising.)  It's not an easy class for me, focusing as it does on core strength (which I lack), balance (nada), and flexibility (Bwahahaha!).  But I'm pleased with myself for persisting, and I can see some improvement in my fitness and flexibility already.  Not much weight loss, but I think I've finally tipped the balance, putting on a few pounds of muscle, and now starting to lose weight.  It will take a while, but so be it.

The down side:  I've strained my Achilles tendons.  Owooch.  Working on concrete at school hasn't helped at all.  Time to start a gentle stretch/heat/ice/heat routine, and one of the fitness center owners (it's a husband/wife team) has given me a rundown of what to do to help my sore heels heal.  It's also time for new sneakers, and new insoles for my work shoes.  Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be walking like I'm, well, 43, instead of like I'm 93. . . .