Saturday, March 17, 2012


Spring has arrived extra early here in the Northeast.  We're about two weeks ahead of what I would consider a "normal" spring by every measure I can think of, and the temperatures have been well above normal for us all winter.  I'm not complaining, although I have a suspicion that this summer could be very long and brutally hot.  But for this weekend I'm enjoying the sunshine, the warmth, and the chance to be busy in the yard.

Today I did bunch of busy-work:  bundling old branches from shrubs that had been pruned, putting my nice new compost bin in its permanent home (thanks, Tech Guy! - nothing says love like a new compost bin), pulling grass and weeds out of the strawberry bed and the daylily seedling bed, cleaning out some other small flower beds, and mulching the first four mini backyard beds, the rhubarb and the locust tree.  It felt good to be outside and busy.  Not only were the spring frogs in full chorus all day long, but I also saw and heard my first bluebird of the year, and the first red-winged blackbirds as well.  I've got lots of lovely little crocuses out front, and my first daffodils ought to bloom next week.  It's supposed to be in the 70s for the next handful of days, which will make it hard for teachers and students to focus in school.  If I sub, I'm sure we'll all have "spring fever."

Tomorrow will be just as nice as today, but I'll have less time to play in the yard since it's Tech Guy's birthday.  I'm taking Safety Guy to pick out dessert for us from Big Mama's Cheesecakes after church, a rare treat.  And I'm making lasagna for Tech Guy's special meal, at his request.  But I'm sure I'll find some time to get outside and continue puttering and tidying.

Safety Guy spent most of today playing outside with our neighbors' kids, who are much younger than he is.  But as a special surprise, some friends of his from our old home school co-op were over there visiting, and Safety Guy got to renew their acquaintance as they all hung out together.  He played hard, and he ought to sleep like a rock tonight.  My funny image of the day:  Safety Guy letting our neighbors' three year old daughter Miss G. draw his outline in chalk on the driveway.  SG is probably 2 1/2 times as tall as she is, and weighs 6x as much as she does, and she adores him and follows him everywhere when he visits.  He said he drew the line at playing Barbies with her, though.