Sunday, April 29, 2012

When Normal Is Remarkable

It's easy to take our kids' growth and progress for granted sometimes, especially when I'm busy or too overwhelmed with the big picture to focus on the details.  Today, though, something caught my eye.

Molly birdwatching a couple years ago - 
but she was twitching and chattering
at the feeder this morning, too.

Safety Guy was working with the toddlers at church today, so he wasn't upstairs in the service.   One of his best friends visited church today with his parents, totally out of the blue.  After the service I took E. downstairs to find Safety Guy, who was delighted to see him.  We went back upstairs, and while talking with E.'s parents, I noticed Safety Guy take E. over to meet some of the other teens and the youth pastor.  Big deal?  Yes, actually, it is.  Safety Guy introduced his school friend to his church friends and his youth pastor, without any prompting or other assistance.  It's a little thing, but it's a big thing - a social hurdle he handled independently this time, and I'm excited about it.

Even better, his friend is visiting for the afternoon, having dinner with us, then going to Safety Guy's youth group meeting.  E.'s parents are looking for a church with a strong youth program, and they may start attending our church.  That would be FANTASTIC for SG and E, since they don't have any classes at school together now.

It's sweet to see SG and E keep up their friendship, since each young man has challenges and quirks.  But they've found common ground and make an effort to get along.  As I listen to the sound of video games in the background, mixed with their chatter and the occasional exclamation of "Dude!", I have to smile at the normal-ness of it all.  I don't take it for granted, and I'm grateful for it.