Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Firsts and Lasts

Since I last posted on June 8th, we've had a busy time.  We've had a handful of firsts and lasts to occupy us, in good ways.  Here are the highlights:

FIRST fire pit!  Yes, I finally got my long-awaited reward for teaching all year.  It's not huge or fancy, but it's perfect because when it gets beat up and rusty I can sand it and repaint it with black grill paint and give it a new lease on life.  Simple is good!

Safety Guy is delighted to practice his Boy Scout fire lighting skills.  
He's taken it as his own personal mission to do it safely and well.
Princess Yakyak's mission is to roast the perfect marshmallow.

FIRST athlete fitness class of the summer for Safety Guy!  I signed him up for an 8 week, four day per week youth fitness class at the same gym where he did wrestling in the winter and spring.  He had a serious case of "I can't do this!" right before the class started this week, and it was touch and go to even get him to go into the gym, but once there the three instructors and the 8 other students made him feel like he really could do this.  He tried it and liked it.  Today he's a bit achy from yesterday's class, so we'll see how this afternoon's session goes.  He did say that he's glad to have the regular activity for the summer, since the lack of a schedule after school let out was bugging him all last week.  (On a funny note, he's doing many of the same exercises I do in my boot camp class.  After his first day, he commented to his instructor that he would never tease me during my class again!)

FIRST time Safety Guy has gone to the pool with a friend, on their bikes, without a parent along!  That's a big step, believe me.  His friend M. and he spent the afternoon out, going to the mini mart for soda and swimming at the pool.  Of course, being a Mom, I made him take everything but the kitchen sink (sun screen, trac phone, wallet with ID card, bike lock and key, house key. . . ).  They had a great time.  I worried about that, because it's not unusual to see kids at the pool who have bullied SG in the past.  But he knows that if someone is bugging him, he should go over to a life guard.  They have a very strict zero tolerance policy on bullying at the pool, and several kids were banned after doing that last summer.  Thankfully there were no issues that day.

LAST days of school for both SG (last week) and PYY (today)!  Big excitement from both of them.  SG celebrated by sleeping in every day after that, and PYY has a friend over today, with a trip to the pool later.  Which also means:

LAST day of subbing for me, two weeks ago.  I only had one call to sub last week, and it was for a lower grade I knew I really wasn't interested in working with, so I declined.  Too much stress for too little money, so I spent the day with SG instead.  The up side:  now that PYY is done, *I* can sleep in a little later.  (HOORAY!!)  The down side:  only one more paycheck to come, then no more until I sub again in September.  (Boo. . . )

And soon, we'll have our FIRST family vacation in three years.  At least, it will be the first family vacation in three years that doesn't involve traveling to visit family, and does involve staying in a hotel and sightseeing someplace we haven't been before.  It's not a long one, but it's special:  New York City over the 4th of July, staying in a hotel with a rooftop view of the fireworks over the Hudson River.  We've wanted to take the kids to NYC for a while, so this will be fun.  Not long (hotel rates in NYC are exorbitant), but fun.  We'll take a trip to North Carolina this fall, to visit my youngest sister and some other friends that live near her.  That will be a treat, too - North Carolina in the fall. . . .