Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Around The Yard

Here are a few more photos of what's going on around the yard right now.  The rain we've had over the past couple weeks has revived the lawn and perked up everything else.  The grass isn't so prickly and brown, the annuals have a new lease on life, and the perennials look much happier.

The sunflowers are one of the few plants around the yard to shrug off the drought.  They're blooming quite nicely now.
Small butterfly on nasturtium leaves.

Hosta flowers after rain.

'Peace' rose, my favorite rose of all time.

Little annual phlox.  They've struggled with the drought, but have managed to put up a few clusters of flowers in the past week.

A sunflower backlit, and photographed looking up toward the sky.  I love the color contrast.

Tiger lily against an ornamental grass.  They're a natural pair, as long as there's enough moisture to go around.
The tomatoes are starting to produce, too.  This is 'Big Beef' - very tasty on hamburgers.