Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hug Your Family

 (Photo by Kelly Sikkema)

So strange - to still be be celebrating Christmas on the heels of the tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

I couldn't write about it a couple days ago.  I still can't write about it, really, except to remark on the utter sadness and oddness of continuing to celebrate the holiday with my family (together, alive, well, safe) while other families are distraught and destroyed.

Hug your family tonight.  Let them know you love them.  Kiss them goodbye in the morning.  And pray for all of the families of Sandy Hook, for the families of the victims and of the survivors, for the family of the shooter, for the first responders who will never get the scene of the tragedy out of their minds,  for the teachers and students who may have to return to that school in spite of tragic memories, and for friends, neighbors and clergy who offer words and gestures of comfort. 

We may never know why evil took this particular form of expression.  But I know that evil and grief have not triumphed now and will not last forever.

May the Lord bless you, my friends and your families.