Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wrap the Cat

It's the Christmas season again, pretty and nostalgic, busy and even hectic, sometimes peaceful and often happy.  I'm trying to consciously enjoy the beautiful moments, since life rushes on even through the best of times.  Subbing and baking, family issues and house cleaning, laundry and wrapping gifts, it all has to get done somehow.  Some days I'm pretty organized.  Some days (like today) I'm a bit scatter-brained and unfocused.

For instance, I stopped at the mini mart to put gas in the car and get the kids a drink between school and an appointment for SG.  We got the drinks and I paid for the gas - then we got in the car, and I drove off WITHOUT PUMPING THE GAS.  And didn't notice for almost 5 minutes, most of the way to SG's appointment.  I dropped him off, went back to the mini mart to find that they'd credited my card, then back to the appointment to pick him up.  Sigh.

This was after a morning of subbing (three different classes - good students, but I mixed up some names of students I know quite well), then some down time (where I had good intentions of doing some serious cleaning, and wound up watching "Miami Vice" and "Starsky & Hutch" on YouTube), and wrapping presents (which went better than I had any right to expect, given my track record for the day).

I think I'll have to make myself a list to get everything done by Saturday for a family Christmas party.  Who gets what, what gets wrapped, what I have to bring for dessert - at this rate I'll be lucky if I don't wrap the cat and bring a nice box of tissues for dessert.