Sunday, January 27, 2013

O Sunny Day!

We're having another gloriously sunny day in a week-long run of mostly clear weather.  We've had some snow, but never a large amount (the lake effect stayed north of us for once), and we've had more sun than we usually get this time of year.  When it's been gray for a number of days, a patch of sun here and there seems really fine, but those teases pale when you get a truly CLEAR day. (The corollary to this is that it has been brutally cold all week, clear at night with a glowing almost-full moon, and well below zero most mornings.)  I just had to go out with my camera a couple times early today to try to capture some of the beauty of the bright sun on the fluffy, new snow and frost.  We had a soft coating of the kind of snow that is so delicate and light that you can see every single snowflake, all of them reflecting the light like a million tiny mirrors wherever you look, as if the Lord decided to glitter and bejewel every common object with uncommon grace.  The sky is ultra-blue and the air is crystalline.  No more talk - just pictures.  Enjoy.

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